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Empowering game-changing improvements with a world-class platform

When it comes to technology, no other fleet management company comes close. We've invested millions to design and deliver an advanced technology platform unlike anything the industry has ever seen. And we worked hand-in-hand with customers every step of the way to ensure we addressed their most critical needs. We’re solving for the now while building for the next—that's how we empower extraordinary.

Fleet management on a whole new level Element Xcelerate™

Enhancing user experience through technology

Meet a fleet management system completely redesigned to give you access to the fleet information you need, when and how you need it. With a user-first design, Element Xcelerate provides a central hub for your fleet data through an interface that empowers you to optimize the performance of your fleet.

  • Inventory management
  • Transaction management
  • Ordering
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Element Xcelerate delivers:

Element Xcelerate technology platform
  • Infrastructure designed for scale, speed and stability
  • Customer portal personalized, simplified and made more flexible for efficiency and insights
  • Mobile driver tools to make it easier for your drivers to self-serve
  • Advanced analytics that deliver unprecedented insights and intelligence
  • Data-driven products and services that make fleet management more proactive and productive

Enhancing the driver experience with our revolutionary driver app

Element Xcelerate™ for Drivers

Helps your drivers tackle fleet tasks quickly and efficiently, whenever and wherever.

With Xcelerate for Drivers, your fleet drivers can easily:

  • Manage business trip mileage logging
  • Report lost or stolen service cards
  • View vehicle and service card information
  • Review company policy documents
  • Place new vehicle orders and check status
  • Authorize motor vehicle records requests
  • Retrieve PIN numbers (U.S. only; policy dependent)

We know your drivers don't have time to think about their vehicle – so Xcelerate for Drivers provides a proactive to-do list for common vehicle-related tasks, such as location-aware maintenance shop and fuel locators, plus a smart dial feature for fast access to call center specialists.

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