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Truck financing

Financial solutions that work for truck fleets

Trucks are high-cost assets. You need choices in how you finance and manage your truck fleet. Financial institutions provide capital, but aren’t staffed with experts who know equipment, components, fleet operations and maintenance.

At Element, we combine consulting, operational and financial understanding to provide competitive financing programs that specifically fit the overall fleet operations and financial goals of your company.

Financial flexibility to meet your business goals

Truck financing services - Element Fleet

We deliver the right financing solution based on your specific goal – whether it’s capital preservation, risk reduction, decreased downtime or leveraging depreciation tax benefits.

Our innovative and flexible financing options are designed to help you get the trucks you need while freeing up operating capital and available credit for other business priorities.

Unlike many banks and finance leasing companies, we have the financial strength to leverage multiple funding sources to extend credit lines critical to fleet – and company – growth.

Plus, using sophisticated tax planning and ownership conveyance, we can help you manage the timing of depreciation tax benefits year-round, making “every month December,” even when operational needs call for vehicle acquisitions at other times of the year.

Put our capital strength to work for your truck fleet. Find out how Element can help improve your cash flow and reduce costs with our flexible financing options.

Flexible financing options

We offer financing options that combine your truck needs with our industry knowledge, funding relationships and modern financial tools, including:

  • Fair Market Value lease with no residual risk in the asset at the end of the term
  • Open-end Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause lease, which provides the flexibility of ownership with the incremental benefits of leasing
  • Operating and capital leases
  • Loans

Why Element

Value and expertise

  • Our long-term, stable access to capital markets brings you exceptional value in vehicle financing
  • Our strategic consultants provide lifecycle cost, vehicle selection and replacement analysis to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize productivity

TCO insight and greater resale

  • We provide a comprehensive view into your fleet’s operational costs (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • We properly purchase and structure leases to expire at the moment of maximum residual value – resulting in greater resale price

How do you know which truck is the best fit for the job? And when is the right time to replace it to maximize your investment and optimize its life cycle? We can help, with comprehensive order consulting and support. From selection, engineering and delivery, to title, registration and services, we’ve got you covered from start to finish – saving you money every step of the way.

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