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Global fleet services

Delivering a right-sized globalization strategy with proven results

Over the past few years, fleet management globalization has risen as a significant trend in the industry. Formed in 1995, the Element-Arval Global Alliance offers a simplified approach to help you manage the complexity of your global fleet. With strategic partnerships in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa, we provide access to comprehensive fleet management across the globe via a single point of contact.

Element-Arval Global Alliance: Leading the way to global fleet management

Element Fleet Management provides global fleet services through its strong strategic alliances with some of the world's premier fleet management companies, managing more than 3 million vehicles in nearly 50 countries. Formed in 1995, the Element-Arval Global Alliance offers a customized approach to help you effectively manage the complexities of your global fleet.

Comprehensive global fleet services to manage complexities across borders

Global fleet services - Element Fleet

Many of Element's clients have come to us for consultation on initiatives such as:

  • Harmonization of fleet policies
  • Increasing global visibility
  • Improving safety
  • Reducing costs across multiple countries and regions
  • Decreasing environmental footprint
  • Diminishing administrative burden

We provide strategic consulting and best practices for managing global fleets, comprehensive costs analysis and management, and online consolidation and reporting of strategic vehicle fleet data from multiple countries. Local account teams provide expertise and understanding of regional complexities and variations, while a dedicated global account manager focuses on supporting your global strategy.

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Fleet services

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