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Fleet Partnership Solutions

Drive fleet efficiency with an effortless administration program

If you're tackling the complex task of managing your fleet when you want and need to focus more time on your core business, we have the answer. Element Fleet Management's Fleet Partnership Solutions is a fleet administration program for customers with cars and light trucks who want a hassle-free vehicle program managed by a dedicated team.

Tailored fleet administrative solutions

Our programs can be tailored to provide precisely the level of support you want, from day-to-day administration to strategic planning and project management to full outsourcing where we serve as your fleet manager. Our dedicated team of fleet experts can develop, manage and execute on your strategic plans, helping you save time and money. We'll keep your fleet on the road so you can focus on your business.

Cost savings

  • Optimizes your service programs and vehicle utilization resulting in lower operating costs
  • Implements best-in-class fleet policies to achieve your fleet expense goals

Time savings

  • Significantly reduces your time spent on administrative tasks
  • A fleet expert assigned as your single point of contact for centralized administration
  • Minimizes the time drivers spend handling vehicle issues


  • Streamlines your acquisition and fleet administration processes
  • Monitors your fleet activities to identify exceptions quickly and resolve issues before they impact your business
  • Implements fleet-related policy and process changes in your business to achieve your fleet goals

Safety and compliance

  • Helps you monitor driver compliance with fleet policy
  • Supports and enhances service program utilization

Owens Corning fleet enables success of drivers

Why Element

Tailored to your needs

Our tailored fleet management programs will help save you time and money. Whether you're looking for driver call center support, outsourceed fleet management, or anything in between – we’ve got you covered.

Element's unique offering includes:

Strategic and tactical fleet experts with CAFM certifications

Proprietary customer partnership plans and executive dashboards

Tools and technologies designed to enhance the efficiency of your fleet

Advanced analytics to create insights and drive improvements

Vast benchmarking data

Is it time to order new vehicles or equipment? Do you know when your assets should be replaced to increase resale values? Are your drivers in the right vehicle to do their job effectively? Lots of questions. We have answers. Element Fleet Management provides you with end-to-end ordering support from consultation through title and registration and will save you money in the process.

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When it's time to purchase company cars and light trucks, you want flexible, economical financing that makes sense for your business. At Element Fleet Management we bring our financial expertise and strength to help make your financing decisions easy, straightforward and cost effective.

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At Element, we have a solution that fits your needs and can show you how.

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