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Reimagine fleet connectivity solutions

noviembre 30, 2021

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What if you could have all the benefits of telematics, without having to compromise? With Element’s diverse ecosystem of fleet connectivity solutions, you can!

Through tailored options, both you and your drivers will reap the benefits associated with telematics while gaining insights to make informed decisions for your fleet. The first step to getting the most out of your telematics solution and data is identifying the right offering for your fleet. What are you looking for in your connectivity solution?


This day-to-day fleet focused offering simplifies and streamlines your fleet connectivity experience through:

  • OEM and third-party embedded device options
  • Proactive vehicle health monitoring through diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Tracking fuel economy, idling and fuel misuse to reduce costs
  • Company policy compliance tools

DriverCare CoPilot (U.S.)

Key benefits of Element’s unique safety focused offering include:

  • Mobile app safety solution with lower cost entry point
  • Insights to driver behavior and fleet risk including distracted driving
  • Driver improvement opportunities through in-app gamification

GEOTAB and Verizon Connect

These pure-play telematics and operations focused technologies deliver:

  • Improved productivity, unique fleet and safety solutions such as hours of service and asset tracking, cameras and more
  • More accurate, real-time data for enhanced analysis
  • Comprehensive web-based tools


It’s time to take your fleet performance to the next level by maximizing the benefits of your fleet connectivity technology and turning fleet data into actionable insights.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our robust ecosystem of connectivity solutions.

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